Frequently asked questions for Razz Limo

Each and every day, our customers have some great questions for us. Not everyone has the opportunity to rent a limousine or party bus all that often, so when the occasion arrives it's only natural for you to have some unanswered questions about a wide variety of topics. After all, if everyone was an expert in the luxury transportation business, there'd hardly be a need for specialists and experts in the field. Our customer care agents are just that though; experts in the limo and party bus business. That being said, they are always happy to put their knowledge to good use in finding quick and succinct answers to anything that might be on your mind. In case your question is a common one, we've asked our agents which questions they encounter on a regular - if not daily - basis. Here's what they had to tell us!

Are we allowed to drink aboard the party buses?

It wouldn't be a party if you couldn't! As long as you're of legal drinking age, you can drink both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages on the bus.

Will you provide us with alcohol?

We're afraid not. We do not possess the necessary licenses to sell alcohol to you.

Are we allowed to smoke on the bus?

We do not allow for smoking on our buses, we try to keep them fresh and clean for all our guests.

Is food allowed on the bus?

Our buses don't have any tables on them, and a full bus might not give you enough room to enjoy a big meal, but something small and no mess is ideal.

Do you have any hidden fees?

Your hourly rate includes all the fees. This includes taxes, the driver's minimum gratuity, as well as any fuel charges. There are absolutely no additional hidden costs.

How do you handle overtime?

Overtime is only charged at the hourly rate you agreed upon. No additional fees! You only pay for the time you used.

Is a security deposit required?

We do require a security deposit that is to be made with a credit card either in person, or over the phone.

More questions?

Please feel free to give us a call if you have any additional questions comments or concerns. We would be happy to answer them for you!